so .. i'm doing mo-cap for a bit
well i know.. it's not the most interesting job.. a bit sucky sometimes..
but you know.. it could be fun too.
something about mocap..
it's not animation really .. but take a good part of it..
when i'm doing it , some point that i got :
- i pay more attention on the graph .. and how the graph editor work
- i trained my eyes to see what's wrong with the animation ( since it's pretty much key -ed everyframes)
- i learned how to fix animation ( imagane you have all key in everyframe and you have to change the pose !!)

hmm..that's pretty much what i learned so far..
i hope i can learn more..
and oh

-" show buffer curve " it's super.. super.. super helpful

and "pose2shelf" script from highend3d too


ak said…
ah-hahaha! now that is gold. i see you've made a friend rini.
Rini Sugianto said…
i hate that spamm/

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