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CCC - UTMB 2017

What a week ! I've been to Chamonix twice for climbing but for this week , the town completely transformed itself into trail running festival kinda town. I've heard about the energy around UTMB races but being here to experience it myself is something else and it would be the ones that i would remember for awhile. The race was hard, and i knew that heading into it. But it still surpassed my best expectation on how it would be.  It is a 100km / 20200 ft elevation gain thru Italy, Switzerland, France kind of race after all. The race started with a perfect temperature in the italian side and started raining when I entered switzerland ( champex lac) and stayed raining until the morning. But I somehow avoided any injuries despite of couple falls on the mud and rocks due to rain. After months of training, I finally got a chance to run the course I heard to much about. The town was buzzling with people and runners coming in from previous races all night, so I know that sleep wasn&#

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